Fire Dog Services Program

Fire Dog Services Program

Fire Aid by FDSP

FDSP occasionally brings out the Fire Aid boots for our in house fundraising. We raise money from people who voluntarily financially support our program buy buying (usually candy bars). Money collected goes to fire prevention items or to support departments in some fashion.

FDSP Fire Awareness

Experience and educate. A simple experience of your home if it was smoky and dark, do you have a family fire plan? FDSP will come to your home and meet with your family and offer you  simple fire safety tips on such topics as:
  •   Placement of fire alarms, checking batteries
  •  Home evacuation plan, meeting spots
  •  Fire safety tips, checklist
  •  Pets evacuation tips
  •  Fog house and crawl experience (Night or day)
  •   Photos with our Fire Dog Mascot

It's 4:18am and your smoke detector goes off...Will you be prepared?

How well do you know your home if it was dark and filled with smoke? Where is the problem, your family, pets, your way out? Will you be ready?