Fire Dog Services Program

Fire Dog Services Program

A very special THANK YOU to those who supported our exchange program:

Florida Power & Light (FPL)

John Wyszynski

Cintia C

Ron Oettel

Bruce Evans & Don

City of Holly Hill Fire Dept

Chief Jim Bland

Chief Ronnie Spencer/Retired

Lynn Weremay

Valarie Manning

Cetronia Volunteer  Fire Dept

Art Merrill

Silver Peak Volunteer Fire Dept

David Blair

Chief Steve Cousins

Edgewater Fire Dept

Chief Thomas Fisher

Gumbranch Fire Dept

Chief Wade Simmons

Pooler Fire Dept

Chief David Pearson

Nassau Oaks Fire Dept

107.3 FM WYHC

Chief W.J. Trinder Sr.

Jasper Fire Dept

Lynwood Fire Dept

Anthony Hudson

Linwood Fire Department

Chief Terry Leonard

Chief Rick Brown

Buck Head Ridge Community Fire Dept

94.9 FM 

Veridian Fire Gear

Tispen Fire Sales and rental

Josell Joccob

Mine Valley Fire Rescue

Tiffany Osborne

Silver Peak Fire Rescue

Chipward Fire District

Lancer Township Rescue

Darrell Dodd and Brenda Collins-Calloway Volunteer Fire

Globe Firefighter Suits

Country 92.9

Veridian Gear

Jim Meere

Richard Wallis- Clovergrove Volunteer Fire Dept