Fire Dog Services Program

Fire Dog Services Program

Donate Unwanted Gear

While many departments are able to change out gear every 10 years or less  due to NFPA recommended date/age compliance, some even sooner. Many of the gear may still have a useful life left in it. Did you know many departments may not have that luxury and depend on newer hand me down gear while others benefit from used donated gear for training in NON fire environments to save on wear and tear on their in service gear. Please consider donating your unwanted or retired gear to our program to better assist those departments. We gladly accept your old gear if you are able and willing to voluntarily donate it to us. We are able to only accept coat/pants/boots and helmets. Thank you!

Please include photos of the gear you'd like to donate if possible when emailing us. Sometimes  gear is not popular or in demand. Usually all gear is able to be used. We do not want to waste your efforts or money on shipping if we do not believe your gear would be beneficial. You may email a photo to [email protected] to confirm  

Once you decide to send any unneeded gear to us, we will provide you with one of our volunteer team members address who will handle your donations. It will then be sorted and took to our gated community storage facility (which does not accept deliveries b/c it is unmanned location) where then it will be sorted, identifications removed and prepared for its next new assignment. All donations are voluntary and a liability release form will must be signed. Your donations will be very much appreciated and  will be encouraged to be used in a non-fire environment. Some maybe approved by the new department to be used as they deem fit. 

2018 UPDATE: We no loner accept rubber boots =( 
They have not been much in demand. Leather boots yeah! ...but rubber boots we will miss you!

We accept any unwanted, out-dated
non compliant gear

Cool fact: We once received gear that was so vintage, it ended up in a museum!