Fire Dog Services Program

Fire Dog Services Program


Shipping costs are important so make sure your donations are worth shipping. Here is a little information on items and how useful they are in this program:

  • SCBA: We no longer accept SCBA wire frames models.  However, many Scott packs are in demand. Please inquire with your models to make sure.
  • BOOTS: We no longer accept rubber boots. Leather boots are in higher demand. Our rubber boots are slow to go and space is limited in our storage so we are holding off on rubber boots TFN
  • COATS/ PANTS/ HELMETS: When funds are limited but you want to get items to us,  priorities should be: best condition or newest of gear/ (1) coats & pants. (2) then helmets, (3) then boots. 
  • Gloves:  are not much in demand lately

What to expect when donating:

  • We are unable to provide or assist with shipping costs
  • We are unable to provide a tax deductible receipt
  • We like to learn more about your donations, amount and a general explanation of reason for donating or retiring of gear
  • We encourage a general photo of your donations if possible (This helps us better determine two things, We want to make sure your donations are worth your cost of shipping to us, (rarely do we see anything unusable) For example: This is why we have decided to discontinue accepting wire frame air packs-too out of date. Once we saw large cases for air packs. We did not need the cases but yes for the packs that was contained in them. With the help of the photo it cut shipping cost where the department threw away the cases and just sent the packs.  -Most of all it helps us determine how much space will be needed in our facility once donations arrive. Also, if we have a heads up of what is coming we may have an idea to someone needing it and we can keep it moving  

Shipping Gear:

We pretty much leave this up to your department. Many departments use a process called freight/ship bidding. Check out these cool website to get an idea.You may be able to Google some of your own and find what is best for you. (These are suggestions only, we do not have any personal connection or opinions on how good or bad these are) We have seen this method work well for others is why we mention it. We do not mind at all packing these items and meeting your carrier for approximate pickup time. Sometimes we have made other arrangements such as pay over the phone when possible or money order, but these are harder to do since we do not know the costs until we get to the counter and weight. Contact us and we will help you if we can. We like to help you put this gear to use if you sincerely need it. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do we accept firefighting TOOLS?

(Hydraulic rescue tools, hoses, ladders, pike poles, axes, radio, flashlights, etc.) Nah, sorry and we don't do vehicles or fire trucks either. 

Do you exchange EMS gear and EMT supplies? And, the fouled buzzer goes off on that one.

Whose in the dog suit? 


A very special THANK YOU to:

Florida Power & Light (FPL)

John Wyszynski

Ron Oettel

Bruce Evans & Don

Cetronia FD

Art Merrill

Silver Peak VFD

David Blair

Chief Steve Cousins

Edgewater FR

Chief Thomas Fisher

Gumbranch FD

Chief Wade Simmons

Pooler FD

Chief David Pearson

Nassau Oaks FD

107.3 FM WYHC

Chief W.J. Trinder Sr.

Jasper FD

Lynwood FD

Anthony Hudson

Linwood FD

Chief Terry Leonard

City of Holly Hill FD

Chief Jim Bland

Chief Ronnie Spencer/Retired

Chief Rick Brown

Buck Head Ridge Community FD

94.9 FM WFUN

Veridian Fire Gear

Josell Joccob

Mine Valley FR

Tiffany Osborne

Silver Peak FR

Chipward Fire District

Lancer Township Rescue

Darrell Dodd and Brenda Collins-Calloway Fire

Globe Firefighter Suits

Country 92.9

Fire Dex

Recent Available Gear: Description below

Available gear is white. Dates 04/05. No longer NFPA compliant

WE ARE IN VOLUSIA COUNTY DAYTONA BEACH FL. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO COME TO OUR LOCATION BY APPOINTMENT AND TRY ON THE GEAR. *We only deal with actual fire departments- Not individuals. We will confirm before appointment is made as an extra precaution to protect departments who donate these precious items. Please understand that and come visit us if your station could sincerely use any of this gear. We'd love to meet you AND help support your station with any of our available equipment. *Item limits on some items to allow others the opportunity also. 

What size boots do you need? All rubber boots remaining!

We still have available pending yellow gear with silver and yellow or lime 2" trim available. Just inquire. Red helmets. UPDATE: We are out of our leather boots and suspenders and gloves. We will no longer accept rubber boots after these go but will continue to accept Leather boots.

To better protect your donations:

*Request limit
*We verify requesting fire departments & only ship to physical fire department locations
*We exchange detailed info & photos of items that match the request to better confirm a match for the station needs to be most beneficial and used
*We only deal with US fire stations 
*We do not donate to individual purposes
*We do not encourage our gear to be used for actual firefighting purposes unless otherwise inspected by a qualified person at your department and deemed safe to do so
*Liability release forms are provided and must be signed