Fire Dog Services Program

Fire Dog Services Program

We accept unwanted turnout gear:

Specializing in Bunker coats, Pants, Helmets, Leather boots

FDSP would like to ask help from anyone who may have or know where we can find 2-4 sets of BRONZE FUSION Gear with RED/ORANGE triple trim. Bronze is a unique shell color. It is a cross between a chocolate dark brown and rust color. See the photos below and to the right to get an idea. We wish to use this matching gear for our in house fire prevention, education projects, events etc. It does NOT have to be NFPA compliant because we are not using it for any actual firefighting activity, only non-fire activites. We only ask that the trim be bright or decent if possible and not faded or flaking. If you have or know anyone who has any old bronze coats/pants they would like to part with, please contact us if you would be willing and able to help us. THANK YOU so much!! 

This program is ran by FIREFIGHTING PRIDE

Wanted: Bronze fusion coats/pants for our in house volunteers to use for our program events only.